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Demonstration Team

All Demonstration Team Members must be invited to the team by the Senior Instructors.

  • Children must maintain good grades.
  • Positive Attitude.
  • 100% Effort in Training in Classes and Demos all the time.
  • Must be able to perform in public.
  • Must Raise Money for Demonstration Team Uniform (Will provide Demo Sponsor Letters).
  • Will be able to attend Demo Classes and demos as required.
    • Will increase confidence in self and abilities.
    • Will become comfortable performing in front of large crowds.
    • Increased strength, flexibility, and control.
Competition Team
  • Must be able to perform in public.
  • Must have respect for others.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Have Good Sportsmanship.
  • Have Control
  • Children must maintain good grades.
  • Required to attend all posted  tournaments.
Splits Club
  • Must be able to do all 5 splits positions.
  • Will receive 1 free Blue Uniform.
  • Must maintain flexibility.
  • Must have great sportsmanship and a positive attitude.
  • Maintain good grades
Junior Leader / Instructor Program

If a student has demonstrated the desire and ability to become an instructor with our Academy, then they would apply for this Instructor Program.  Applications for this program must be approved and accepted by the Senior Instructors.

You will receive a junior leader patch after attending a minimum of 3 training classes. 

  • Junior Leaders will be required to assist a minimum of 2 hours per week.

***There is an additional cost with this program of $25.00 per month.***

Benefits of the Instructor / Junior Leader Program:

  1. Will develop leadership skills that will carry over into your daily lives and even impact your careers.
  2. Will further develop confidence in your abilities as a person, Martial Artist and Teacher.
  3. You will have the opportunity to attend conferences & seminars when offered by Senior Instructors.
  4. Will learn the business aspect, from paperwork, sales, advertizing and teaching.
  5. Could have an opportunity for employment with the academy or future academies.
  6. Could have the opportunity to have your on academy.
Women's Self Defense Course
  • Empower yourself.
  • Learn the way your body mechanics can help you achieve certain movements.
  • Learn what it takes to give yourself, or a friend, that “split second” it takes to get away!
  • In doing so you will burn many calories and then get a chance to go all out demonstrating your new techniques on our fully padded attacker!

Will Be Hands on Training with Our Fully Padded Attacker!!

This is where you can get the true feeling of what a split second can do for you.  Our goal is to teach you enough Self Defense so that you are able to escape an Attacker.  The key to success is practice!