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Black Top Instructors

Merafuentes Tae Kwon Do Academy of Martial Arts
Qualifications for Instructors

  • Complete Understanding of the Tae Kwon Do Academy Belt requirements.
  • Do not criticize other Martial Arts.  Everyone has his own characteristics and gains his own position in life.
  • Have true courtesy, both in heart and mind.  He who neglects this should not be surprised if his students make light of him.
  • Do not become angry.  Remember that when you become angry you lose courage at important moments.
  • Spare no effort when teaching.  Remember you advance when your students advance.
  • Be kind and humble.  This is a special characteristic in teaching.
  • Forever Be Patient.  Joyfully accept the teachings of your superiors.
  The Instructor is one who not only attempts to teach but is also a leader.  The instructor is someone to look up to and build from.  The instructor has to be free from favoritism and egoism.  The instructor must also eliminate all personal prejudices.  He must approach each individual with the up-most anticipation and enthusiasm.
Master Tony Merafuentes
Master Tony Merafuentes
Instructors’ Code
We, As the Leadership Team of the Merafuentes Tae Kwon Do Academy,
Pledge To Maintain The Best Standards of Conduct As Model Citizens Of This Community,
By Not Bringing,
Dishonor To Our Family, Disrespect To Our Friends, Disloyalty To Our Country,
Nor Disgrace To Our Master And To The Art Of Tae Kwon Do.

We, As Assistants To Our Master,
Will Bond Together Strongly As One Unit Working Toward A Single Common Goal
To Better Assist in the Skill Development of Our Followers and To Help Them Achieve Their Ultimate Dreams.

Mrs. Laura Merafuentes Mrs. Jennifer Merafuentes Mr. Robby Cummins
Laura Merafuentes Mrs. Jennifer Merafuentes
Robby Cummins
Miss Natasha Younan
Mr. James Gehrke
Mrs. Bernadette Williamson
Robby Cummins
Mr. Steven Williamson
Mr.Liam Wickstrom
Mr.Brandon Barrett
Jackie Marion-Reilly
Miss Noella Younan
Miss Alex Escobar
Mr. Michael Skonovd
noella alex mike
Mr. Geoff Bradshaw
Mr. Blayne Siebert
Miss Allyson Siebert
GeoffB allyson
Mr. Darren Siebert
Mrs. Katie Aschwanden
Miss Mika Viray
darren KatieA mika
Mr. Joshua Beas
Mr. Anthony Beas
Mr. Joe Ochoa
joshua anthony JoeO
Mr. Austin Aschwanden
Mr. Jackson Gehrke
Miss Kirstin Padilla
AustinA jackson KirstinP
Miss Madison Beard
Miss Pepper Bradshaw
Mr. Christopher Lazar
madison Pepper Bradshaw Chris Lazar
Miss Anabel Quintana
Miss Josilene Quintana
Mrs. Erin Gehrke
anabel josi erin
Miss Emily Valentine
Mr. Kai Merafuentes
Mr. Grey Barrett
emily kai grey
Miss Haleigh Wright
Mr. Greg Gebhart
Mr. Frank Beas
haleigh Greg Gebhart frank
Mrs. Yvette Beas